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Malaysia Forklift Spare Parts

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  • Contact Person: Wong
  • Tel: 603-9074 1133, 019-261 7788
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About Us
KL Forklift Parts Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia Forklift Spare Parts Supplier. We provide forklift trucks spare parts, diesel forklift spare parts and material handling equipment spare parts.In the addition, we are forklift spare part supplier who specialize in servicing you with various brands of product for forklift. We also provide some of the best forklift spare parts by brands such as Toyota and Nissan just to name a few.Our company has growth along with the awareness of market demands and trends. This, along with the company operation, we are try to market quality forklift for driver to operate. Our forklift would let you experience the excellent operator comfort and unmatched productivity. As a professional forklift spare part supplier , we are proud to serve you well.We also do custom-made forklift spare parts that will meet your forklift needs, so customer can send us the spare part design for reference.  FORKLIFT SPARE PARTSWith our original forklift spare parts you maxi... [Detailed Introduction]